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Welcome to the webpage of µic. µic is an open-source microstructural modelling engine developed by Shashank Bishnoi at the Laboratory of Construction Materials, EPFL, Switzerland.

The development of µic is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Forums now open!!!

Discuss µic, ask for help, make feature requests, etc on our forums hosted by sourceforge.net. Click here or on the link on left.

Download µic now!!!

µic is now available for download. See the downloads page here. Updated 09-April-2009

A new hydration modelling wizard based on µic is coming soon. This new software lets you simulate hydration of complex systems, without the need to tinker with complex equations and models. Just run go the simple setps in the wizard to set up your system and run! The participants of the training workshop in June 2010 will be the first to receive copies of the wizard.

Please register your copy of µic

Please register your copy of µic here.

µic paper

The original article on the concept behind µic the modelling platform can be downloaded here.. Please refer to this paper if you use µic.

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